Reverse Osmosis System & Water System Components

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Reverse Osmosis Systems
Enjoy better tasting drinking water, coffee, tea, and juices, with harder, clearer ice cubes. Plus, No more bottled water costs with a Pure One Reverse Osmosis System.

In nature, osmosis allows water to be separated from soil through plants roots. The plant root is a membrane that allows the water to pass into the plant while the dirt and contaminants are left behind. Reverse Osmosis is a natural process of separating water from the impurities in it.

Membranes were first developed commercially to separate fresh water from sea water. Semipermeable membranes can separate the water from the salt. The Pure One Membrane creates premium drinking water from ordinary tap water. The Membrane acts like a sorting system that keeps what is wanted, discarding the rest. The result is clean, refreshing drinking water.

The Pure One premium water is filtered once more with activated carbon to further improve the taste. A Reverse Osmosis membrane combined with carbon filtration make Pure One a Complete Drinking Water System. This combination provides far more effectiveness than ordinary tap filters and does not require the electricity used by a distiller.

reverse osmosis
# 1
Reverse Osmosis System
water conditioner and water softener
# 2
Water Conditioner and Water Softener
stenner feed pump for well water
# 3
Stenner Feed Pump for Well Water
uni dose LMI feeder pump for well water
# 4
Uni-Dose LMI Feeder Pump for Well Water
Fleck valve
# 5
Fleck 5600 valve (front)
Fleck valve
# 6
Fleck 5600 valve (back)
Autotrol valve
# 7
Autotrol valve
Fleck valve
# 8
Fleck 5600 valve (old style)
Hague valve
# 9
Hague HCI valve (old style) pre-1984
Hague valve
# 10
Hague HCII valve post-1984
water max valve
# 11
Water Max valve
Fleck valve
# 12
Fleck Kavey valve
stenner feed pump
# 13
Stenner Feed Pump and replaceable tube
ozone generator
# 14
Ozone Generator
Fleck valve
# 15
Fleck By-pass valve
undersink drinking system
# 16
Basic Undersink Drinking System

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