Pure One Soft Water Advantages

Our Salt and Potassium delivery is excellent - we have several fleet vehicles to service your needs. Call us for details.

  1. No more heavy lifting
  2. Avoid running out of salt or potassium
  3. Scheduled deliveries (no delivery charges)
  4. Timers reset
  5. Potassium Permanganate (the purple stuff)

SAVE: mention this coupon when calling Pure One Water Service, or print and show coupon at time of service.

Salt Delivery Coupon - Orlando

Pure One Soft Water Advantages!

  • Smoother, softer, less irritated skin after shaving will make you wonder how you ever got along without a Pure One Water Conditioner.
  • Soaps lathers up with ease, and washes away completely, leaving hands clean and soft.
  • Clothes last longer, rinse cleaner, stay brighter and don’t stain as easily.
  • Dishes rinse cleaner with less detergent.
  • Water slides off glasses leaving them spotless.
  • Feel cleaner and fresher after a gentle bath.
  • No More bathtub ring or soap scum on tiles, sinks, and shower stalls.
  • Shiny, lustrous hair is healthy and full of life.
  • Fee younger with cleaner, softer skin.
  • Harsh, toxic chemical used for cleaning hard water related problems can be virtually eliminated, making your home safer and healthier.

Do you have Hard Water, causing increased soap usage & scale build-up? High Chlorine, Chemicals, & contaminants, causing bad taste, sulfur odor or iron stains?  A Pure One Water System can solve all your water problems.

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