Environmentally Friendly Systems

Good for the environment…

Good For You!

Two tank system for whole house water filtration and conditioning!

  • Provides dual treatment for whole house filtration and scale control.
  • Removes chlorine, taste, odors and organic chemicals.
  • NO salt required.
  • No need to lug salt home from the store!
  • NO backwash!
  • NO drain needed!
  • NO wasted water!
  • NO electricity!
  • NO electrician required!
  • Simple installation

Get high quality water from every tap in your house, plus scale control to protect plumbing fixtures and your hot water appliances!

Here's How It Work's

Tank 1:
The process starts in tank #1, where harmful chemicals that may be in your water are reduced using our NSF certified activated carbon.

Tank 1 Treats / Removes:
Harmful chemicals 
Bad Tastes 

Tank 2:
The final water treatment process occurs in tank #2, where our Environmentally Friendly Systems media provides treatment for scale control and prevents hard water scale formation.

This treatment protects appliances, such as hot water heaters, dishwashers, coffee makers and ice machines.

How the Environmentally Friendly Systems anti-scale media works!

The underlying principle of the Environmentally Friendly Systems media is based on the technology called seed crystallization. This process converts Calcium and Magnesium ions into millions of microscopic Calcium Carbonate "seed crystals". These minute crystals dramatically reduce the potential for scale formation because they are so small they travel with the flow and do not attach to surfaces.

The Environmentally Friendly Systems media outperforms other anti-scale materials because our media’s surface is coated with these crystalline substrates, allowing the media to attract more dissolved hardness ions, for greater efficiency.

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